V300-6W101 and V700-6W101 Grand Illusions VInyl WoodBond Mahogany Fence

V300-6W101 and V700-6W101 Grand Illusions VInyl WoodBond Mahogany Fence

These photos highlight a terrific install of V300-6W101 and V700-6 Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond Mahogany Fence. The specs are 9 Sections of Mahogany V300-6 and 4 Sections of V700-6 to replace an old stockade fence and help compliment the new landscaping and patio work.


The contractor had this to say about the ordering, product, and install:

“Pretty much the way I sold this job was with the samples and brochures to help the homeowner decide. I left them with the homeowner so they could take the time to choose for themselves. I’ll also credit some good salesmanship in there to help seal the deal.

Anytime anyone sees this product they love it. In this case, it fit the house and the neighborhood perfectly. It’s in a nice gated community so it will probably be a good word of mouth sale. It matched the trim and decor perfectly. We took down an old stockade and put up the nice mahogany.

The homeowner had heard of the product from a friend so that also helped influence the sale. It worked out really well. It was also nice to not wait a long time for the products. Helps to get the jobs finished and get paid.

Grand Illusions is a very nice product that’s done right. Everyone did their homework over there at Illusions.

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