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Illusions has created the best vinyl fence in the industry.

Illusions Vinyl Fence gives you hands down the most choices of high quality PVC vinyl fencing products with the most color and wood grain options anywhere. Click here to see our gallery.

With over 60 standard styles of  fencing that can be mix and matched in 35 colors and 5 authentic wood grains, no other company can even come close to the available choices of colors, styles, and wood grains Illusions is able to provide for you.

Not only that, Illusions Vinyl Fence is made from 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl, it’s F964-13 compliant, VMA Certified, Miami-Dade 75MPH Certified up to 8′ high, has the industry leading standard for color retention, and just plain looks awesome! Find out more about the terrific quality of Illusions Fence?

Illusions Fencing | Premium Vinyl Fencing

Illusions Vinyl Fences are sold through a network of quality professional fence dealers throughout the United States. Illusions PVC Fences are up to industry standard using PVC Vinyl fence products that are ASTM F964-13 compliant and VMA Certified.

Our Fences Are Perfect For:

  • Backyard fencing
  • Privacy fence
  • Dog fencing
  • Patio fencing
  • Decorative fencing
  • Garden fence
  • Pool fencing
  • Yard fencing
  • Outdoor fencing
  • Pool fence
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    WHAT IS ASTM F964-13?

    ASTM F964-13 is considered the “end all, beat all” testing specification for Vinyl fence. The purpose of this specification is to establish a recognized standard of quality for exterior Vinyl profiles for use in assembling agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. This specification covers Illusions® Vinyl Fence sections and the EverStrong Profiles used to fabricate them.

    Illusions® PVC Fence Products are manufactured to meet cell Class 1–32333–3 as defined in Specification D4216. Illusions® compounds have higher cell classification because one or more properties are superior to those used in standard acceptable compounds.

    Color/Consistency Testing – The PVC compound in extruded section shall maintain uniform color and be free of any visual surface or structural changes, such as peeling, chipping, cracking, flaking, or pitting after weathering in hot, dry climates such as Phoenix, AZ; a hot humid climate, such as Miami, FL; and a temperate northern climate, when tested in accordance with ASTM Performance Weathering Requirements.

    Weathering Testing – The PVC compound shall have a minimum impact resistance of 0.6 in.-lb/mil (2670 J/m) after weathering in a hot, dry climate such as Phoenix, AZ; a hot, humid climate, such as Miami, FL; and a temperate northern climate, when tested in accordance with ASTM Performance Weathering Requirements.


    With the VMA (Vinyl Manufacturers Association) Certified Seal prominently displayed on your Illusions Fence products, you (and your customers) can have the confidence that you (and they) are receiving the highest quality products in the market.

    VMA Certified Illusions Vinyl Fence products meet or exceed industry standards. Illusions’ company, products, processes, and facilities have been audited by approved third party test labs and inspection agencies. The VMA Certified seal offers the peace of mind that your purchases made today, will withstand the test of time due to the high quality manufacturing and verification processes.

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