Grand Illusions Color and Woodgrain Vinyl Fence Featured in the World Fence News | Illusions Fence

Grand Illusions Color and Woodgrain Vinyl Fence Featured in the World Fence News

Illusions Feels New Color and Wood Grain Vinyl Fence Products Will Revolutionize the Industry

After years in the making, Illusions Vinyl Fence has put the finishing touches on its new Grand Illusions Color Spectrum and Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond color and wood grain vinyl fence products. They feature 35 standard colors (as well as custom color matching capability) and lifelike wood grains.

“The Grand Illusions Color Spectrum is more than just a color vinyl fence product; they are Illusions Vinyl Fences transformed into works of art,” said company president Peter Williams Sr., C.F.P. “In the past, often you would hear complaints of the ‘glossiness’ or ‘shininess’ of vinyl fence. This is not the case with the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum, as it is a flat matte finish.

“This gives the overall appearance that the Grand Illusions vinyl fence could actually be a beautiful painted wood fence. All 35 colors in the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum are available to be mixed and matched,” he said.

There are three available color series in the Grand Illusions program: Click for brochure

The Landscape Series (seven colors including Black, Barn Red and Eastern Green);

The Estate Series (24 colors including Autumn Orange, Federal Blue, Sage, Brownstone, Burgundy, Slate Gray and many more); and

The Designer Series (custom color matching to any swatch). Think colors such as Atlantic Blue, Colonial Yellow, Barn Red, or Forest Green on a vinyl fence.

“The fence colors have been specifically chosen to match other household accents such as shutters, trim, doorways, siding, etc.,” said Williams, “so that color no longer stops at the house. For instance, picture a beautiful Victorian house with light blue siding, dark blue trim, and burgundy and yellow accents. Now imagine a privacy fence with a scalloped Victorian topper that has Atlantic Blue rails matching the trim, Sky Blue T&G boards matching the siding, Burgundy pickets and Colonial Yellow Caps. You now have a great match to the house and a thankful happy homeowner as well.”

Williams continued, “The Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond series of wood grain vinyl fence is probably one of the most amazing products to hit the fence industry since vinyl fence itself. The phrase used most often by people seeing it in person is ‘game changer.’ The grains look real, even up close and person

The series features deep, rich Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut, Cherry, and even Eastern White Cedar, complete with knots. All have great curb appeal. “Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond is not an embossed or toy-like texture like some other products,” said Williams. “It has the appearance of a flat matte finished stained wood, except for the Eastern White Cedar grain, which looks like fresh, unstained white cedar.”

The products start with 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl Illusions Vinyl Fence products, including pre-assembled panels, and Uni-Weld gatesThen, through a patent pending six-step fusion bonding process, the color or wood grain is added.<

All are finished off with color protection by Sky2Blue Shield that resists fading, scratching, peeling and flaking

“Regarding longevity, years of extensive testing have been done on the weatherability of the product,” said Williams. “There is also a 20-year non-prorated warranty to back up the testing.”

The Sky2Blue Shield provides scratch protection against normal wear and tear, he added. “Think of a car. If someone is malicious in their intent, they will damage anything. Just treat it like what it is. If you buy a Mahogany Vinyl WoodBond fence, it should be treated like you bought a mahogany fence. Common sense still applies,” he said.

For complete details on choosing, selling and ordering the products, the Illusions Fence Design Center is available at  .

It is a free web-based application that allows you to create different Mix ‘n’ Match combinations of Illusions Vinyl Fence.

It will also allow you to create in 2D and 3D a virtual project layout complete with bill of materials and a report that can be printed and saved

This report will list the colors and styles used on the job so there is no confusion with ordering. It can be linked directly to your web site via a Weblink to help increase sales. Some customers using the links have seen dramatic increases in sales over the last year, noted Williams.

According to the Eastern Fence art director Jeremy Dean, “We have seen some customers using the links with over 33% increases in sales over the previous year. With numbers like that, it’s really pretty hard to imagine why everyone isn’t taking advantage yet.”

Dean continued, “The Illusions Fence Design Center is an amazing sales tool. We are all extremely excited at what the Design Center represents. It is a user friendly, simple interface to create and order Illusions Vinyl Fence products. Contractors and homeowners could use it in showrooms, on sales calls, or even at home

Grand Illusions Color Spectrum and Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond products are nationally available through local distributors.

Top and below, A beautiful Walnut grain privacy fence from the Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond series

Below: A striking Federal Blue and Sahara color combination from the Estate Series.

Below, Autumn Orange combined with Vintage Wine is another sharp option. (Illusions Vinyl Fence photos)

The above article on Grand Illusions Color and Woodgrain Vinyl Fence was featured in the May 2011 Issue of World Fence News

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