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Are You Looking for a Black Vinyl Fence?

This week’s photos feature a beautiful install of the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum. The specs are 7 Sections of Black (L105) V300-6 Tongue & Groove Vinyl Privacy Fence.

The homeowner said this of the fence: “Living in the Bronx, there is a ton of brick houses with black ornamental fence. I specifically wanted a black vinyl fence to match the ornamental. I wasn’t going to stop until I found it. I called 18 companies and they basically laughed at me and said ‘why would you want a black vinyl fence?’ Finally I called a dealer that said they carry the Grand Illusions line and it has black. The fence looks terrific and elegant. Exactly what I wanted. 4 or 5 neighbors came by and said ‘you finally got your black fence, you’re right, it looks amazing.’ I’m very happy with my Grand Illusions install.”

Amazing install of a black Grand Illusions Color Spectrum vinyl privacy fence in the Bronx, NY.
Amazing install of a black Grand Illusions Color Spectrum vinyl privacy fence in the Bronx, NY.

There are three available color series in the Grand Illusions program: Click for brochure

The Landscape Series (8 colors including Black, Barn Red and Eastern Green);

The Estate Series (24 colors including Autumn Orange, Federal Blue, Sage, Brownstone, Burgundy, Slate Gray and many more); and

The Designer Series (custom color matching to any swatch).

Think of colors such as Atlantic Blue, Colonial Yellow, Barn Red, or Forest Green on a vinyl fence…

“The fence colors have been specifically chosen to match other household accents such as shutters, trim, doorways, siding, etc.,” said Peter Williams Sr. C.F.P., President, “so that color no longer stops at the house. For instance, picture a beautiful Victorian house with light blue siding, dark blue trim, and burgundy and yellow accents. Now imagine a privacy fence with a scalloped Victorian topper that has Atlantic Blue rails matching the trim, Sky Blue T&G boards matching the siding, Burgundy pickets and Colonial Yellow Caps. You now have a great match to the house and a thankful happy homeowner as well.

The products start with 100% pure virgin vinyl Illusions Vinyl Fence products, including pre-assembled panels, and Uni-Weld gates. Then, through a patent pending multi-step fusion bonding process, the color is added. All are finished off with color protection by Sky2Blue Shield that resists fading, scratching, peeling and flaking.

“Regarding longevity, years of extensive testing have been done on the weatherability of the product,” said Williams. “There is also a 20-year non-prorated warranty to back up the testing.” The Sky2Blue Shield provides scratch protection against normal wear and tear, he added. “Think of a car. If someone is malicious in their intent, they will damage anything. Common sense still applies,” he said.

For complete details on choosing, selling and ordering the products, the Illusions Fence Design Center is available at

Check the Illusions Photo Gallery for even more pictures!

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