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What difference can a new fence make on my yard?

The Photos Say It All


Nothing changed but the fence.

It’s clear to see that this homeowner had set out to create a beautiful outdoor living space for themselves. New patio, steps, landscaping, beautiful pool, the works! There was just one thing left to add. The fence!

The “Before” photo here was sent to us to show the difference a Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond install can make in a yard.

We were stunned to see the huge difference a fence can make when it’s properly chosen to match the surrounding decor. The warmth of the wood tone was the perfect compliment to the earth-tone of the patio and the cool blue of the pool. The color and realistic wood grain of the fence drew all the pieces of the puzzle together to create the outdoor masterpiece in the “After” photo.

Grand Illusions Vinyl Woodbond - Mahogany Woodgrain Fence (V300-6W101)
Grand Illusions Vinyl Woodbond – Mahogany Woodgrain Fence (V300-6W101)

Testimonial from the Homeowner


How did you hear about your Grand Illusions product?
The contracter had it displayed in their office.

How did you choose your particular color/woodgrain for your property? Were you matching any home accents?
It was pretty consistent with the furniture in our home and kitchen. The uniqueness of the product is what really sold us. It’s just something you don’t see every day. We also love the color for our own personal tastes. This may sound funny, but I’m actually working with an architect to start updating the front of our house. We’re going to base the look of it on the fence.

Are you satisfied with your Grand Illusions product?
We’re incredibly satisfied. I have strangers and neighbors walking up all the time. I’ve had people walk up and knock on it. People stopping to say how beautiful it is. Before we did all of this yard work, we didn’t have anything in the back yard. Just grass and an old wood deck with a stockade fence. Now with that fence, we feel like we’re not in New York. We feel like we went away some where on vacation. It provides such beauty and privacy.

We absolutely love it. I could literally sit back here and look at my fence all day. It really came together very nicely. We put a ton of time and effort into the whole backyard design and it was beautiful. But until the fence went up, the yard just wasn’t complete. The fence completed the whole look we were looking for.

Would you recommend it?
I certainly would and I do. I recommend it to everybody.

Can you give any other interesting facts about your Grand Illusions product and install?
People stopping their car and touching my fence. It’s the funniest thing. They’ll just stop dead in the street and get out of their cars to see if it’s wood or not. It says a lot about the product.

What do you like best about your Grand Illusions product?
White fences are very sterile to me. The Grand Illusions Mahogany has a natural look and feel. You’re getting the best of a man made structure that will stand the test of time and a visually natural looking product. I always wanted the look of a wood fence, just without the maintenance. I now have a wood fence that will stand the test of time.

Check the Illusions Photo Gallery for even more pictures!

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