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Where can I find black vinyl railing?


More Grand Illusions Color and Woodgrain Vinyl Railing is just a keystroke away at:  www.illusionsvinylrailing.com

Take a look at the above patio set.

What do you see?

White. Just white. Granted it’s versatile, but it’s pretty much been done already. Had the homeowners chosen a white railing, it would have been OK. It would have matched. But…

Look behind it in the same photo, what do you see? You see something that should make that homeowner perhaps investing in a different patio set. That backdrop is a vinyl colonial railing with a t-rail top (VRT8C-3) in Grand Illusions Color Spectrum Black (L105).

Wow, seriously, what a difference in the overall dynamic of the rest of the photos. The black pvc railing sits perfectly on the stonework, and really makes the yellow in the flowers pop.

Don’t just run with white because it works. Sure, it will have its place, but sometimes it’s that little change that can take a job from “nice,” to “wow, that’s beautiful!”

Vinyl Railing has been given new life with all of the millions of color variations provided by Mix ‘n’ Match combos of the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum and Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond.


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