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How can I create a unique backyard using colored vinyl fence?


Different. Out of the norm. Unique. OUTSIDE THE BOX!

If you really think about it, thanks to the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum and the authentic Vinyl WoodBond woodgrains, there are thousands upon millions of possible size, color, and style variations.

There are millions upon millions of interesting and exciting color and woodgrain combinations that can be created using the Illusions Fence Design Center.


Q: How did you get this particular job for Grand Illusions Color Spectrum? Did they call you from the web or did you start out as a white sale and it turned into a color job?

A: The customers knew in advance about Grand Illusions Color Spectrum before they contacted us. They were undecided between either painted wood or the Grand Illusions vinyl but ultimately wanted the low maintenance of vinyl.

Q: Did they find the product online or use the Design Center?

A: Not sure if they did or not, but like I said, they had their mind made up before they came to our showroom so they must have found the product either by word of mouth or online.

Q: What made them choose this color combo?

A: They wanted a fence that would match the colors of their house and trim, which this did beautifully.

Q: Did the Grand Illusions products arrive in a timely manner and properly wrapped?

A: Yes, shipped fast and was nicely packed.

Q: Was the customer pleased?

A: Yes, very much so, they loved the install and the look of the fence so much that as our installers were wrapping up the project the homeowners decided to call our office and order more Grand Illusions for us to continue the project.

Q: How was the experience overall?

A: Very good as always, Illusions.

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